Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road

Canninghill Piers Condo Singapore by City Development Limited is a freehold condominium complex by renowned architect Kwee Keun-jong, located right in the center of Orchard Road. Canninghill Piers prime location is on Cuscaden Street and Tanglin Road, adjacent to Cuscaden, Queens Road, and the highly acclaimed Orchard Golf and Spa Club. Canninghill Piers design of the building includes a central courtyard and five floors with over 100m of width. Canninghill Piers construction is made of iron and glass, with the units ranging in height from three to nine floors. Each floor plan is designed by award-winning architects. Be enveloped by a host of world-class shopping options, restaurant amenities and dining choices, at your fingertips.

Canninghill Piers Condo building occupies an approximate 14-storey-high facade, featuring one tower that forms the base of the building and connecting the others. One of the most striking features of Canninghill Piers building is the ‘pentagon’ that covers the main rotunda. This ‘pentagon’ is made up of concrete and glass. Two large steel podiums are fitted onto the columns at the rear of the pentagon, which are subsequently covered by eight storeys of glass. The other feature of the floor plan is the use of bright white and black clad elevators, which are meant to emulate those used in the United Kingdom. The elevators are also fitted with computer screens, to enable residents to take advantage of facilities such as mass transit, internet, etc. Please see Canninghill P iers Price for more information on the pricing details available.

Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road
Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road

Canninghill Piers ground level of the Canninghill Piers condo is classified into five ‘stores’. These include a fitness centre, a salon, a bookshop and a coffee house. The fitness centre is equipped with treadmills, exercise bikes and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. With a capacity to seat up to 200 people, it is one of the best options for a home gym in the city.

Canninghill Piers store is meant to be fully air-conditioned, with the provision for AC changes whenever necessary. In addition, each unit comes with its own full-sized washer/dryer, with separate bathrooms and showers. Amenities include a television set with hi-fi audio speakers, a refrigerator with an ice bin, microwave oven and a large range of coffee pots. Canninghill Piers laundry unit is also fully air-conditioned, with the addition of a dishwasher, dryer and steam machine. Both units come with a shared kitchenette, with the option for a larger kitchenette area, should you wish to cook for your family on a daily basis.

The bookshop comes with a choice of one or two fireplaces, a patio and a dedicated kitchen area. Each unit comes with a large foyer and an en-suite bathroom; however, there is no fitted cupboard. Amenities include a self-heating cooker, an ironing board, clothes hamper and a hairdryer. The children’s room has a trampoline, a mini-refrigerator, a DVD player, a fridge, a kettle, and microwave oven. Should you wish to bring your own laptop, the rent can be paid per day.

When choosing an apartment to rent, it is wise to find one that suits your lifestyle. There are different sizes of Canninghill Piers apartments, and each has its own rules. One such rule is that all apartments come with two bathrooms, which share a common bath area. The master bedroom is situated away from the main bedroom and is usually decorated in a chic contemporary style. When you arrive at your apartment, there will be a maid or a butler to welcome you.

Canninghill Piers building has been designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of the residents. For those who live alone, the unit has been divided into three rooms. The living room has a sofa, a bed and a bookshelf. The bedroom is equipped with a chest of drawers, a computer desk and a comfortable bed.

Canninghill Piers building has a swimming pool and gym for those who wish to exercise. The elevator also takes you up to the roof, where you can view the city lights and see the river flowing by. If you want your view to be clear as it is, you can rent one of Canninghill Piers condos.

Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road
Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road

“Canninghill Piers Condo Singapore by City Development Limited (CDL), is a freehold project by City Development Limited (CDL). Canninghill Piers property is situated in the midst of Orchard Road and Cuscaden Road, one of the busiest streets in Singapore. Canninghill Piers prime location is located on Cuscaden Road, across from Flinders Street and Orchard Road. Be surrounded by an abundance of high-class shopping spots and premium restaurants, be spoiled by what Canninghill Piers possesses to offer. The project boasts of various amenities that will surely entice tourists, residents, business owners, and occupants. Below are some of the notable amenities included in this prestigious condominium:

Majority of Canninghill Piers units are fully furnished with a full kitchen, with two to three meals daily provided. Bathroom amenities are also available upon request. Security services include on-site security officers who are licensed and highly trained. Several of these units come with a fitness center. Other amenities include:

Canninghill Piers Pool features consist of a large above ground swimming pool, an above-ground Jacuzzi, and steam room. Outside features consist of a BBQ grill, a brick-venerated patio, slate pavers, fire pits, and flower pots. Canninghill Piers CDL building is completely equipped with modern security equipment. Canninghill Piers clubhouse features a meeting/conference center, a meeting/meeting room, a restaurant, a spa, and a bar. The clubhouse also features a lounge, a second lounge, a game room, a restaurant, a bar, and a steamer.

Canninghill Piers Amenities are generally grouped into five categories: Placement of Patio, Character, Amenity, Accessory, and Storage. Placement of patio is based on your personal preference. The majority of the units are on the main level of the building, directly above the parking lot. Canninghill Piers units are all fully furnished. The units are situated on what looks like a private gravel path, leading up to the terrace.

Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road
Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road

Canninghill Piers pool deck has been created to accommodate both walk-in clients, and those who have their own above ground pool. The swimming pool deck includes a large flat pool surface, a ladder, a concession cart, and a small shady area for family enjoyment. The pool deck also has a built in safety enclosure, which is used during times when the pool is not in use.

Accessory features consist of appliances such as a trash can, a garbage bin, a hairdryer, a clothes dryer, a garbage can lid, a trash can lid insert, a garbage can lid tie-down devise, a garbage can caddy, and a dishwasher. Canninghill Piers Amenities also include a coffee maker, a small refrigerator, a mini-refrigerator, a microwave oven, a mini-refrigerator, and a stereo system. These items can be customized according to the owner’s specifications. A security system can be integrated into the amenity package.

Canninghill Piers floor plan of the unit includes a single-story layout, with eight floors to a floor. The uppermost floor has the single-story balcony that overlooks the landscape, directly over the treed-roof garden. Each individual unit also has a storage room that is open onto the landscaped yard. Other amenities consist of a vehicle-loading ramp, stairway to elevator, and a shared dressing room with a single-seater or double-seater.

Canninghill Piers architects responsible for the creation of this masterpiece, retained the following key tenants in their plans. They retained the styling of the main building and made use of all of the space-giving elements they could acquire, including the columns, skylights, windows, roofing, floor plan, kitchen/breakfast nook, patio, and terrace. They also kept the floor plan consistent, and each unit follows it, as well as the elevations. All of these elements are consistent throughout the entire building. Overall, Canninghill Piers Floor Plan Design of Canninghill Piers Condo will ensure that no area is wasted space, and that everything works together harmoniously.

City Developments Limited (CDL), also known by its acronym, CDL, or more commonly, CityDev, is an international real estate operating company. It was founded in 1963 by Mr. Lim Soh Ser himself, then a contractor and developer. The firm now has many offices in various countries across Asia. In Singapore, the company has many commercial and residential properties up for grabs.

Canninghill Piers company has a long-standing agreement with the government of Singapore whereby it gets tax benefits. A majority of its commercial properties are located on prime sites and have all the necessary infrastructure in place. Apart from this, the developer has to adhere to all local and regional laws. The Singapore Development Authority is the government body that supervises and checks on the progress and development of any planned project. Canninghill Piers authority requires City Developments Limited to submit regular updates and information on the ongoing projects.

Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road (52)
Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road (52)

Among the residential properties being developed by City Developments Limited is the Bukit Timah Road, which is among the finest and modernest roads in Singapore. Bukit Timah is also a famous public housing estate in the country. Besides, there is the Remong West Healthcare City, which is the largest health care facility outside Asia. If you are looking for a property in Singapore that has a scenic location and easy accessibility, then you may want to check out the private rental apartments in Central Business Districts.

Apart from this, Canninghill Piers developer also has the honourable title of having developed the Petals Bay outpatient care centre. The outpatient centre at Petals Bay boasts of a fully equipped modern medical clinic and pharmacy. Another popular outpatient care centre is the Wellcome Clinic, which is Singapore’s biggest and well-established private hospital. Other reputable treatment centres in the country are the Rachadaphisek College of Medicine, the Royal Perth Hospital and the Changi General Hospital.

These are just some of the residential properties in the Central Business Districts. Canninghill Piers projects under City Developments Limited offer a wide range of residential properties, commercial properties and even a resort project. In fact, if you are looking for a property outside Singapore, you may want to check out their other residential properties in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. The only draw back to these projects is that they do not have the same appeal as a property in Singapore. Also, you may have to be prepared to part with a good amount of money, as the prices in these countries are generally higher than in Singapore.

Some of the projects developed by City Developments Limited also deal with a luxury lifestyle residential area known as Canninghill Piers. Canninghill Piers project known as Platinum Tower is a high-rise tower that offers a lavish lifestyle experience to its residents. However, the developers have limited access to the property, which means you may have to hire a property broker to look for a unit for you.

Apart from the limited units for rent in the Platinum Tower development, City Developments Limited also develops a luxury condominium or townhouse. Canninghill Piers residential property projects known as townhouses or condominiums are another one of their offerings. Again, you may have to hire a property broker to look for an ideal unit for you. Unlike their other projects, these condominiums are not sold off in one go. The developers promote these townhouses or condominiums, as they are still in the early stages of development.

There are also projects developed by City Developments Limited that involve a business investment. One such project is their Singapore River Residences project. Canninghill Piers developer offers a series of apartment buildings, townhouses and serviced apartments to the residents of the development. If you are thinking of investing your money into such a property, you can do so, as the developers to limit the number of units for sale to just around 300.

The Singapore River is an eight-mile long river that flows through the island country of Singapore and feeds into the Marina Bay Sands in the north. Canninghill Piers Singapore River was formed as a result of a volcano eruption close to the coast of Singapore in the 16th century. The first boats could not navigate the channel and there was a need for engineering to be developed to help facilitate trade and transportation. As the years went on, the river was made navigable and began to develop commercial and tourist sites such as restaurants and public baths. Today, it is considered one of the best places in the world to experience both the local and international cultures. There is something for everyone to do at the Singapore River and this article will explore some of the more popular activities you can enjoy while visiting the River.

A Singaporean trip would be incomplete without at least dipping your toes in the Singapore River. This ideal spot to do some shopping is the Big Ben Market located at the corner of the River Walk. Here, you will find an assortment of antique shops, home goods stores, restaurants, bars and even clothing shops. Dining options here include Chinese dishes, Japanese food, Thai, Italian, and continental and American cuisine.

Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road
Canninghill Piers by CDL City Developments Limited at Singapore River Valley Road

Tourists also have a great deal of fun at the Marina Bay Sands. Located to the west of the central business district of the Island, the Marina Bay Sands features various entertainment venues. These include the Singapore Center Theatre, the Film City and the Universal Studios Singapore. Tourist attractions here include the Aquarium, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Singapore Zoo, and the Marina Bay Sands. The Singapore Art Museum is Singapore’s pride and is renowned for its collection of art works ranging from contemporary to traditional and modern.

For those who are interested in more boating adventures, there are a number of excellent Singapore River boat rentals available. One of the most popular is the East Coast Yacht Club. Here, visitors can relax on comfortable yachts while indulging in a variety of water sports and activities. One of the finest facilities here is the Singapore Yacht Club Yacht Charter. This charter company provides boat charters to a number of destinations across the world. Apart from boats, they also offer jet skis and other sports equipment.

The Night Safari is another fascinating tour destination in Singapore. Here, tourists can explore the jungle in their own private safari boats or go deep sea diving in one of the many underwater wrecks here. The Night Safari is Singapore’s answer to the Wild Kingdom, the Exotic Island and the Disney Land. It is also Singapore’s largest theme park.

If tourists want to know about a different Singapore, they should visit the Sentosa Island. With its picturesque beach, it is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the country. Aside from the breathtakingly beautiful scenery here, Sentosa Island offers a wide array of fun activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and windsurfing. It also has a casino, a wet bar, arcade center, a stage show, ferry rides, and shopping centers. Apart, from all the activities, one of the best attractions in Sentosa is its restaurants.

One of the best tour packages for Singapore River rafting is the Salmon Tour Packages. This group of guided Singapore River Rafting trips give you the opportunity to learn more about the lives of the indigenous tribes of Singapore. It will also allow you to enjoy the delicious cuisine of Singapore, and you can also enjoy delicious local Singaporean fare during your stay in the camps.

Apart from Singapore, there are also other countries that share the River Walk with Singapore. Some of these countries are Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and others. Each day, visitors can board a boat and enjoy the cruise along the River Walk, and learn more about these countries’ culture and people.

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