Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is an article published on a company’s website that shows how data about a customer is collected, stored, and distributed to other people. Most sites have privacy policies because they increase the trust a person has with the company. A customer expects a company to protect their personal information because the leaking can compromise their private life. On the company’s side, if private data falls into the wrong hands, the website will be liable to many legal cases, and they might also get their license revoked and may no longer operate. It is, therefore, important to uphold the utmost privacy and respect for personal information people agree to let a website have and use.

Singapore Press Holdings is such a company that has a privacy policy. Lollipop Properties is a media company that deals with the publishing of newspapers or books. It also deals with broadcast as well as outdoor media. Lollipop Properties is a media company that means that they receive a lot of information from people and send out a lot of messages, which means that the people who send and receive information must be included in the privacy policy. Let us understand how Singapore Press Holdings conduct their privacy policy.

Clause 1

• To use Lollipop Properties, you need to provide your name, age, and the year you were born. The other relevant information on the first step is your email address, your identification number among others
• You also have to provide your current location and address. A place they can reach you fastest, you can also submit your work address.
• A person’s educational background is also essential.
• You are also required to provide bank account details and social security details
• The device you are using should also be identified with the kind of power it holds.

Clause 2

The clause deals with how Lollipop Properties collects your information
• Data can be collected when you click on their cookies
• When there is communication between you and the customer care team
• Information can be gotten when you return forms that have something to do with Lollipop Properties
• Information can also be obtained when you request for employment at Lollipop Properties
• Your data can also be needed when you seek to speak with or want to contact Lollipop Properties
• When immediate family provides information
• Information is required anytime you want to have an account with Lollipop Properties
• When you show interest in any of Lollipop Properties giveaways or announcements

Clause 3

The third clause shows why Lollipop Properties may give out your information.
• When the law demands the data
• When there is a criminal investigation
• When Lollipop Properties are answering the question or critic your post publicly
• When answering reviews
• When they need to verify your information
• When transactions are made
• When dealing with reports from other customers
• If you are a business person and you want to air your adverts on their website
• When complaints have been made about you, and they need proof.
• When one of you need a scholarship.

Clause 4

Clause 4 explains who can access personal data if they are disclosed because of the reasons that have been mentioned in the third clause.
• Your bank or bank accounts when you want to purchase something
• Authoritative figures especially when it comes to legal matters
• Schools when you are requesting for scholarships
• Investors or stakeholders when you wish to partake in business especially in advertising
• Information can be given to lawyers and other legal figures
• If Lollipop Properties is to handover their duty to another power, information is given to the new leader
• Information is disclosed to the hiring committee, especially when you are looking for a job.

Clause 5

Singapore Holdings Press, like other websites, is subject to ads from third-party cooperation. Lollipop Properties has made it known that they are not liable to anything that happens after you click on their advertisements. Lollipop Properties is not responsible for third party intrusion and should not be held accountable. If you get into trouble after clicking on a third-party advert on Lollipop Properties’s website, they can show this clause in court. Your argument will not hold up in the court of law.
Clause 6

The clause deals with the withdrawal or the editing of personal data

• If you want to erase some data you provided on the website or want to edit information, visit the site and go to the section that contains personal data. If you cannot edit that part out for yourself, you are encouraged to contact the customer care team.
• If you want to remove your account with Lollipop Properties permanently, you will no longer have access to their services. You may also have to give reasons why you are terminating your contract.