Terms of Service

Terms of Service of any organization are a binding contract that is understood, accepted by the organization, and the person using the services provided. The document shows what the service provider offers to the public and that they need to be aware and accept the Terms of Service for a person to use the services they provide.
Lollipop Property, a real estate company, situated in Malaysia, has led out their terms of Service in their website that clearly states their terms with customers who are looking into buying, selling or renting out property. Lollipop Property has also recently ventured into allowing people to apply for homeownership loans. The following are the Terms of Service that Lollipop Property has to offer:

Clause 1
• When you use the website, you automatically agree on all the Terms and Conditions that the site has to offer. This is to ensure that you understand the underlying factors and agree with the recommendations.
• That they will be changing the terms of services whenever they deem necessary. They will not be notified whenever they do; therefore, the works of the customer will look at the Terms of Service now and then.
• Information may not be accurate; the website should not be liable to any misinformation or accuracy.

Clause 2
• Using the website requires that you are over 21 years and have an identification card. The site will also ask you to give out personal information, the information produced should be accurate and in no way stretched. Whenever there is a change in the personal data, for example, marital status, you are required to update the information as soon as it happens.
• People below 21 years of age and want to use the Lollipop Property site need to have permission or be in the accompaniment of a person over 21 years of age.
• Whenever people try to hack your account, you need to notify Lollipop Property immediately.

Clause 3
• The website’s information is under PG control, which means the content on the site has graphics, music, and texts that a younger person cannot understand.
• Some of the material can be too mature for younger audiences.
• The website’s content should not be duplicated; what is on the website is for Lollipop Property’s disposal.

Clause 4
• Information on the website is used at your own risk
• The information on the website with regards to communication can and will be under surveillance
• Third-party participation should be taken at your own risk. Lollipop Property is not liable for what comes after clicking on ads from other sources on the website.

Clause 5
• Lollipop Property should not be held accountable for any destruction of property when you purchase it.
• Any report against either party should be taken up within two years, and any follow-up surpassing two years should not be taken up.

Clause 6
• The company’s code of conduct secures all the private information

Clause 7
• The site will work on any suspicion of copyright
• Your data is protected by law.