Zac Efron uses Tinder but it doesn't always go well for him

14 September 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Meher Tatna
The New Paper
September 7, 2016

This really happened.

Two hard-partying, semi-obnoxious brothers are ordered by their family to bring respectable dates to their sister's Hawaiian wedding, so the duo turn to their go-to source for everything - Craigslist. When they get thousands of responses and media attention for their hilarious ad, it's a no-brainer that Hollywood comes calling.

And so a movie, Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, has been made and it takes the premise even further: The girls (Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza) chosen by the brothers (Zac Efron and Adam Devine) are even crazier than they are.

It opened here on Thursday (Sept 8).

At the London West Hollywood hotel, Efron, 28, shows up with blond hair and dark roots, wearing a jacket that appears to be bleached by mistake in the laundry.

He is not the world's most articulate talker, but his sweetness and comic timing probably got him the role of the less obnoxious brother.

The hunky US actor presumably doesn't have to resort to online ads for dates, so we ask him if he can relate to his latest comedy.

He says with a laugh: "I use Tinder like everyone else. It doesn't always go well. People think I'm fake so usually I just don't reply."

He has been working a lot, though, so there hasn't been much time for dating.

"Maybe I'll be in that scenario soon. I'll report back how it goes. I know it's going to be really awkward, like it always was."

What kind of girl would he look for?

"Somebody who is fun to talk to. Somebody that I can make laugh. Somebody that I can show new things and somebody that shows me new things. Somebody that wants to find adventure and loves life," he says.

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The real brothers on whom the movie was based turned up on the set in Hawaii, which got Efron "really excited".

"We got to finally talk to them and, like, they're not insane, they're not crazy. They're real guys.

"That being said, we were filming so we were very busy and they wanted to party. We're, like, 'It's Tuesday and I have a 6am call time, but you guys have fun'. They were very nice and we got a sense of who they really were."

Why does he think weddings are great source material for Hollywood comedies?

"The reason weddings are so brilliant and the reason they bring people to the cinema is because I think people want to believe that they're in the presence of true love.

"That's a line from (the 2005 movie) Wedding Crashers. Owen Wilson said that," Efron says with a laugh.

Shooting in Hawaii was the perfect location for the adrenaline junkie in him, to do things like going cliff jumping with co-star Devine.

He says: "I'm sure our producers weren't too happy about it after the fact, but we didn't tell them till later.

"We had ample time to rehearse so I wasn't worried about the work, but...we were actually excited to go to sleep on Friday night so we could wake up and charge Saturday and Sunday.

"We'd find caves, we'd climb to the top of mountains, we would go shark diving, night hikes.

"We would always come back with a new cut or a bruise or something like that and they'd be, like, 'What did you guys do during lunch'?"

For someone who achieved success early in his career by performing in the Disney Channel series High School Musical, Efron has not really focused on music lately.

But there's a scene where he sings and there was also dancing involved, but Efron freaked out when he saw that the dance floor was just stacked hay barrels.

"That dance sequence and whole song at the end - I'm happy it made it (into the film)... I love that I was able to be sort of Ray Charles for a second and sing love songs to my (on-screen) sister. I really love that moment."

This article was first published on September 8, 2016.
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