Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC Launching Soon by HDB

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC Launching Soon by HDB

The HDB has launched a public tender for the Executive Condominium site located at Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. The 1.2-acre plot is surrounded by prime residential and commercial properties and is set to yield 375 units. The new EC project will offer residents the chance to live in a luxury condominium in the heart of the city. HDB will develop the executive condos, which will feature luxurious amenities, a comfortable living space, and apartment conveniences.

The government-owned HDB, which is responsible for launching EC projects, has launched a tender for a residential site on Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 for public sale. This land parcel is slated to yield up to 375 residential units, and its acreage is a perfect place for families to raise a family. The site measures 12,449.3 square meters, and has a 99-year lease. The tender closes at 12 noon on 8 March 2022.…

Top Remodeling Trends for Home Owners

Home improvement tips abound for homeowners, primarily due to the fact that eventually every homeowner wants to make improvements to their home. Unfortunately not all remodeling projects increase a home’s property value; this is why homeowners must consider the financial risks involved in remodeling. This is especially important for those who are considering selling their home within a year after project completion.

Financial investment considerations rank high on the list of home improvement tips, because there are many variables affecting home property values. Regardless of the home remodeling project, a homeowner should never expect a dollar-for-dollar return. The monetary returns for every dollar spent ranges anywhere from zero to approximately 90 percent. This is the difficult point for every homeowner, because there is no standard formula for calculating return on investment for home remodeling.

Although there are many factors to consider for monetary return on any home improvement, the following …

Hardwood And Eco-friendly Natural Wood Floors For Your Home

Hardwood floors are beautiful, long lasting and permanent hard floorings, just as they are integral parts of residential and commercial building interiors. The renewed interest and craze by many professionals in the real estate or interior design business, or by simple homeowners, stems from the fact that hardwood floors are obtained from natural eco-friendly materials. Besides the the fact people now have a vast range of hardwood floor materials to choose from, the prices for natural wood floor materials have become affordable and within the reach of a great number of home owners.

Asides from the fact that hardwood floors are eco-friendly and visibly exotic, they possess a warm glow that ages gracefully. Over the years, they will develop a pleasing patina, as long as they are treated with loving care.
Reasons Why Consumers Choose Hardwood Floors Over Other Floor Finishes

Considering such decisive factors as longevity, durability, beauty and …

Reducing Home Renovation Cost Through Selection of Countertop Types

Finding the perfect kitchen countertop for the most used room in a home can be a challenge. Countertops must be durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and improve a kitchen’s overall appearance. Although it may seem impossible at times to find the right countertop, a little research and visiting a few kitchen showrooms will identify the right type and style.
Natural Stone: Counter Tops that Bring Nature into the Kitchen

Natural stone is often the countertop of choice for many kitchen installations. It is very expensive; however, provides a look that is warm and elegant. There are several types of natural stone materials that are used in kitchens.

Granite – this stone has a crystalline structure, containing tiny pits or spaces between the various mineral crystals. It also contains natural fissures that appear to be cracks, but they are not structural defects and do not impair the material’s function or durability.…

Difference Between Reclaimed and New Pine Flooring

Homeowners looking for green flooring options for their home, as well as homeowners restoring an older home may want to consider a pine floor. Available in narrow or wide plank flooring, new or reclaimed wood, pine floors have choices for homeowners looking for authentic, durable hardwood floors.
Types of Pine Floors Available

There are several types and categories of pine floors available on the market today. Those who are looking at green flooring options can choose from two types of reclaimed wood flooring in pine.

River reclaimed pine flooring is heartwood which has never been used in a floor setting before. Trees that were felled for lumber and shipped via river drives occasionally did not make it to the saw mill, sinking to the bottom of the river instead. The logs lay there until fairly recently, when they were reclaimed and fashioned in hardwood Lumina Grand EC floor planks.

River …