Yucks! You'll be disgusted by what the handsome Tony Hung did in public

21 September 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

With the widespread criticism on his poor acting, Tony Hung’s (洪永城) rise to lead male status within the TVB sphere hasn’t exactly been very well-received by netizens, but that hasn’t deflated Tony’s good mood at all.

In the upcoming romantic drama We Got in a Fake Marriage <我暪結婚了>, TVB allegedly bumped down Raymond Wong (黃浩然) to promote Tony at the forefront, reports Jayne Stars.

Earlier this month, the paparazzi bumped into the drama's cast and crew, who were shooting a protest scene near a gold shop in Tsuen Wan.

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It was a quite hectic scenario; the background actors, who were playing protestors, nearly blocked out an entire street and many passers-by stopped to watch.

Despite the crowd and the hot weather, Tony looked to be in a good mood. He even found some time to pick his nose as he walked through the film set, though it is also possible that the paparazzi photos were just shot at an unfortunate angle.

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Tony Hung, TVB
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