Vulgar netizens insult Lee San San -- but she has winning responses for all of them

26 August 2016 / 9 months 3 days ago

Former Miss Hong Kong, Lee San San (李珊珊) announced that she would be selling her tiara (Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 1986) for a charity auction and it immediately became the hottest topic in town.

Recently, some netizens used vulgarities towards San San, reported Asian E-News Portal.

However, she was not mad and graciously replied: "Miss, you will not become prettier after scolding me. It is better to go for a barbecue and it works 100 times better when you feel unstable next time."

However, another netizen rebutted San San's response and said: "Your quality is very poor when people scold you. People will hate your acting skills if you are filming series and can't you accept it as an artiste?"

San San responded again: "My quality is poor when I suggest she goes for a barbecue but is my quality higher when I suggest she eats steamboat? You should persuade her if you are her friend and discourage her from using vulgarities."

San San is indeed a lady with beauty and intelligence.

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