Vivian Hsu's baby catches a cold after they return to Taiwan from S'pore

23 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Vivian Hsu has returned to her hometown in Taiwan to spend Christmas and to show her new baby boy to friends and relatives.

The star gave birth to her first baby, Dalton in August this year in Singapore.

According to Asian Pop News, her visit back to Taiwan was supposed to be confidential, but she has already been spotted.

Vivian reportedly was not ready to meet the media yet, as she has yet to regain her figure.

Yesterday, paparazzi saw Vivian with her baby on the streets. Vivian, who was wearing a mask and a cap seemed very worried when she carried her baby into a clinic.

The paparazzi waited for almost an hour and did not see Vivian walking out from the clinic. She could have realised that she was being followed, and exited by the back door.

Vivian has confirmed her return to Taiwan. She said, “I have not returned to my home in Taipei for a year. I don’t feel like going anywhere. I just want to stay at home!”

She said that her son had a cold, and so she brought him to a clinic.

“Maybe Singapore is warm, and these two days, Taiwan turned cold. This is the first time baby has got a cold.”

Vivian’s manager revealed that Vivian is likely to make a comeback in March next year, and she has been exercising to regain her figure.

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