Vincent Wong bleeds from head and hands after crash on drama set

22 February 2016 / 8 months 4 days ago

Vincent Wong was taken to the hospital following a car crash on the set of TVB drama, “Fatal Resurrection “ in Tuen Mun.

Vincent, along with his costar Roger Kwok was shooting an action scene involving a car chase.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, Vincent lost control of his car and crashed into a larger vehicle.

Vincent was bleeding from his forehead and hands after the crash. Although he looked dazed, he was well enough to walk into the ambulance himself but had to be supported by the paramedics.

He told the reporters that he felt really dizzy He was then sent to Tuen Mun Hospital where he recalled the crash in excruciating detail.

His left brow ridge and forehead were taped with gauze. His right index finger was also bandaged.

Vincent said, “My head still hurts. They will do a CT scan on me later to see if my brain is alright. I’m pretty sure that I’m okay. The doctor said there’s a minor cut on my left eyelid. Everything happened so suddenly so I’m not sure where I got hit in the head, but I do know that it’s very swollen now.”

The actor expressed his concerns about impeding the filming schedule for “Fatal Resurrection”, and also said he felt awful for worrying his family.

Fortunately, he called his mother and his wife, actress Yoyo Chen, after the incident to tell them that he is safe.

He had CT scans and they indicated that Vincent’s head injury was minor; there was no bleeding nor skull fractures.

However, he would have to remain in the hospital for a few more days to wait for the swelling in his forehead to go down.

“I’m okay,” said Vincent. “I hope to get well soon. I don’t want to cause so much worry. I’ve never experienced a car accident before, whether in real life or in filming. Fortunately I’m not as injured as I thought I was.”

"Fatal Resurrection" producer Lam Chi-wah when was asked if the accident had seriously hindered the drama’s filming schedule said: “Right now our priority is Vincent Wong’s health.

“We’ll see what happens after his report comes in. Vincent is a very responsible person. He is very worried about the filming schedule, but his health comes first.”

Mentioning that the drama would be shooting in Vietnam in March, Lam Chi-wah pointed out that the crew would consider Vincent’s health first before proceeding to any change of plans.

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