Vincent Ng's Sentosa Cove 'castle' lacks a woman, and he already has someone in mind

3 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

Original article: Lianhe Wanbao
​Tranlstated by AsiaOne

Step into Vincent Ng's Sentosa Cove condominium unit and you'll be met by a giant wall poster of our star in a flying kungfu pose.

"The photo was taken by Mark Low, who shot the photos in my fitness book. I like it a lot," said Ng, founder and owner of Martial Arts School Wufang.

The white colour and sparse decor reflects the owner's personality - neat and full of positive energy.

A sculpture of a black panther, ready to pounce, hints at the explosive power that the host - a martial arts champion - holds.

A trio of Transformers toys on a pedestal give visitors a glimpse into the Ng's playful nature, and perhaps allude to the "heroic" ideals that Ng holds.

A painting of a warrior in style reminiscent of Chinese ink painting adorns another wall. The view from the balcony will lull a person into thinking that he is holidaying overseas.

Ng said he has spent about $100,000 furnishing the unit, which is over 1,600 square feet.

There's three rooms in the unit - a guestroom, a study/"office", and Ng's bedroom, which sports a small balcony with a sofa, from where Ng can admire the view. "That's my 'thinking space'," he said.

So why did he make his home in Sentosa? "Because I love this type of lifestyle. I love the sea and boats; I value my space and privacy; and I love to exercise.

"I can cycle and run outdoor here, and even take a boat out to sea - I have a licence to captain a boat," said the former television star.

Transport is not a problem when living on the island, Ng said, "if you drive". It seems the only thing the home lacks is a woman. Ng, 39, admits that he's ready to start a family.

Having spent the last 10 years working seven days a week, he said he regrets not seizing love when it appeared. "Now, I hope to take it slower, give more time to my family, myself, and the person I love."

Ng described his ideal partner as someone who is confident, secure, and not too reliant; and revealed that he already has someone in mind.

Translated from a Nov 2 report in Lianhe Waobao.

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