Vin Diesel shocks fans again -- this time with totally chiselled body

13 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

How did he get back in shape so quickly? Vin Diesel shows everyone why he's the man. 

The 48-year-old was photographed in Miami with a bit of a bulging belly -- earning him the title of 'dad bod'. 

With articles calling him 'Fat and Furious', Vin Diesel not only had a classy response, he showed all the haters he is the man by rocking his chiselled body again.

It has been less than a month, and the star has already made a tremendous transformation back in shape. 

He posted his photo of his abs on Instagram yesterday (Oct 12), calling those who didn't hate his 'dad bod' angels.

He wrote:

"The pic from yesterday... For those who wanted the show... For all the angels that love dad bod regardless... I will post an exclusive video on my Facebook when I am done with press today."

This must be some gym sorcery, as getting back in shape that quickly must prove Vin Diesel really is full of determination and hard work.

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