Vietnamese DJ who abducted daughter says girl's father wanted nothing to do with them

13 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Vietnamese DJ Angie Vu Ha, who was jailed in America after trying to take her child to China, says it’s an outrage that her daughter’s father set the police on her as he never wanted the little girl.

The Vietnamese DJ, Angie Vu Ha, said: “I delivered and raised my child alone for the first seven years of her life without a penny contribution from the father.”

She was jailed on Nov 4 on an Interpol warrant when boarding a flight from JFK to China with her daughter, reports UNILAD.

She provided emails that she says prove the father, French citizen Richard Froger, was never interested in the girl until he got a court order awarding him custody in France.

In an interview with the New York Post, Ha said: “After lying in French court to rob my child from me, he kept on lying to Interpol and US court to try his best to put me, the mother of his child, in prison.

"I’m terrified about my child’s future and about how my relationship with her would be.” Ha claims she didn’t know she was a fugitive before she was arrested, and says she was heading to Vietnam with her daughter to fight for custody there.

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