Uproar after man kisses woman's breast on live TV

17 October 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago
A French TV celebrity sparked an uproar among viewers after kissing a woman's breast on live television.
Jean-Michel Maire, who is a panellist on the show that caused the furore, took part in a segment which parodies of Kim Kardashian's robbery.
The woman, known as Soraya, was tied up and placed in a bathtub and Marie had to free her by finding the correct key from a massive bunch as part of the skit.
Upon successfully completing the task, the host suggested that Marie, the 'rescuer', deserved a kiss.
Soraya disagreed but Marie creepily said that she actually said yes, reports The Lad Bible.
The woman repeats that she doesn't want to give Marie a kiss but he carries on and pushes it until she eventually agrees to a 'little peck on the cheek'.
In a bizarre escalation of events, Marie instead decides to kiss her breast instead.
This led to a huge outpouring of rage on social media, with viewers calling Marie names and hurling vulgarities at him.
The Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA), who regulate French broadcasting, tweeted on Friday that they have so far had over 250 complaints and will be launching an investigation.
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