Truth behind Jay Chou's love triangle with Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou revealed after years

8 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Former love rivals, Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou were invited to Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s wedding in Taipei recently.

The duo appeared to have buried their hatchet 11 years ago and even took a photo together with Taiwanese producer Chiu Li-Kwan.

Back in 2005, Patty was photographed shopping intimately with Jay Chou in Japan. At that time, Jolin was said to be dating Jay. When she saw their photo, she was shocked.

Since then, Patty and Jolin would deliberately avoid each another during public events.

A month after Patty and Jay’s photo was published, both Jolin and Patty were supposed to attend a year-end event, reports Asian Pop News.

Jolin sponsored the lucky draw prize, and it happened that Patty was the winner. Patty immediately refused to collect her prize on stage and instead donated it away.

In 2007, Patty and Jolin were invited to a makeup artist’s wedding. Jolin attended, but Patty did not show up in order to avoid Jolin.

Six years ago, Patty revealed that she did not know the rumour between Jolin and Jay was real. If she had been aware of it, she would not have dated Jay.

Later on, Jolin also said she understood that Patty had not known about their relationship, and hence did not blame her.

Not that all the drama matters anymore. Jay is now happily married to Hannah Quinlivan and they have a daughter. Patty is also married with a son. Jolin has been in a stable relationship with Vivian Dawson for six years.

Yesterday, Patty said at an event, "I admire Jolin, and I am her fan. It was a joyous and warm occasion last night. There were many people taking photos, and we also took photos as a memento.”

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