Talk about over-protective: Andy Lau brought more than just family to Japan

27 December 2015 / 10 months 5 days ago

Hanis Zainal, Ng Si Hooi, R.Aravinthan
The Star / Asia News Network
Friday, Dec 25, 2015

Cantopop superstar Andy Lau was spotted on holiday with his wife and daughter in Karuizawan, Japan, Guang Ming Daily reported.

According to the Taiwan media, Lau was having a meal with his Malaysian wife Carol Choo and their three-year-old daughter Hanna at a hotel early this month.

Apparently, Lau and his family were surrounded by bodyguards and assistants. The group occupied at least half of the cafe. Most of the other patrons were Japanese.

Previous media reports had indicated that Lau was very protective of his family members and refused to allow pressmen to take photographs of them. This despite being offered a high sum of money for pictures of Hanna.

However, the media had been able to capture photographs of Hanna when she started nursery school this year.

It was learned that Lau had hired an assistant, two bodyguards and two maids to accompany Carol and Hanna in Hong Kong.

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