Taiwanese woman undergoes abortions by abusive boyfriend

19 January 2016 / 9 months 6 days ago

A Taiwanese woman was beaten, went through abortions and even became a nightclub hostess just to try and persuade her boyfriend to not leave her.

The 25-year-old woman named Xiao Yi, had just entered a university when her father unfortunately got involved in an accident which killed another motorist, reports The Coverage Bureau.

As a result of the accident, she had to find ways to help her father pay for the fine of over NTD5 million (SGD$214,383).

Though she already worked at a petrol station in the day, the sudden debts forced her to work as a relations officer at a nightclub.

It was there that she met her now-ex-boyfriend, who was then an agent at the club, reports Apple Daily.

The man managed to convince her to work as a hostess in a dodgy nightclub, and she even underwent two separate abortions because of him.

“My boyfriend wanted me to quit school and told me that earning money was important.  He wanted me to work in a club that offered sexual services because he said that I was not pretty enough to work as a guest relations officer in a normal club," said Xiao Yi.

According to the news report, the couple went hand-in-hand into their nightlife-jobs, with her boyfriend accompanying female guests in a karaoke bar- but both found themselves becoming poorer. Her boyfriend even allegedly kept asking her for money.

“He kept pestering me to give him money, and his temper also grew worse and worse. It was only later that I found out that he had started taking drugs, and used up all the money I gave him on drugs and gambling,” Xiao Yi said.

However, despite all the abuse and mistreatment, Xiao was still unwilling to part ways with her boyfriend. To persuade her beau to stay, she concurrently worked at two nightclubs, but it was to no avail.

She said when she did not give him money, “he looked at me, and then suddenly grabbed my head and banged it against the wall before slapping me.”

Xiao Yi has since broken up with her boyfriend and has completely severed her ties with him, but says that she does not hate him.

“It doesn’t matter how people treat me, as long as I have a clear conscience myself,” she said.

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