Taiwan actress Sonia Sui gives birth to her first baby in S'pore

2 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: AsianPopNews

Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui has given birth to her first baby in Singapore.

Sonia shared the joyous news with her fans on her social media. “Finished giving birth. Mother and baby are safe. Natural birth really hurts, but it’s worth it when I see him.”

Sonia also posted a photo of her newborn son, Max. In the photo, little Max’s hand appeared to have the marking left from an IV needle and an ECG electrode below his shoulder.

Sonia’s manager confirmed that it was a premature birth, and said, “Because he [Max] arrived earlier, he has some fluid in his lungs. It’s not a major problem, and he weighs about 3000 grams.”

Last month, Sonia and her husband Tony came to Singapore, as she intended to give birth there. Sonia had also been updating her Facebook fans on her life. As she had “disappeared” for a week from Facebook, fans started to speculate if she had given birth.

Sonia and Tony got married in January, and in May, she announced her pregnancy. The media has suspected if Sonia was pregnant before her marriage.

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