Steven Lim kor kor receives mysterious text from stranger saying he looks like...

3 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Steven Lim recently received a surprise WhatsApp text from a random stranger.

In a screenshot of the conversation Steven Lim uploaded, the person who sent the text, apparently a male individual, said: "My mum don't think you look like Tay Ping Hui, she says you look like Takeshi Kaneshiro."

Obviously flattered by the compliment, Steven Lim wrote on Facebook: "Thanks lah! People say I look like Takeshi Kaneshiro! Wah!"

We have compiled a series of photographs comparing Steven Lim to Takeshi Kaneshiro. 

See the gallery below to see if the Singaporean personality matches up to the Japanese heartthrob. 

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