S'pore blogger Juli Phang apologises for blog post mocking friend's wedding

2 October 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Singaporean blogger Juli Tan has apologised for mocking and giving live updates on a wedding she attended as a guest.

The local beauty blogger was criticised for giving a blow-by-blow account of her observations about the entire day, from the bride's wedding dress and bridal car to the food and people there, in a Dayre post dated Sep 26.

Although the post has since been taken down, screenshots of it have been circulating on foreign news websites such as The Daily Mail and The Mirror.

In one of the posts, Juli wrote: "Oh by the way, we are in the bridal car. Ya the one with the green grass at the front of the car. You know when people see a bridal car, they will naturally want to look at the bride. I told Mr Mode [Juli's husband] people kept looking at me."

She added that the couple would not read her Dayre account. However, her most recent post yesterday (Oct 1) revealed that the couple had indeed read the hurtful post after it blew up online.

"When I wrote it, I really didn’t expect the couple to read it. When I realized the potential repercussions my post might bring to the couple, I took it down. However in the 12-hour delay, it had spiraled out of control. Oh my tian!

 "I definitely never wished for any of this to happen, but I knew then I had to take responsibility and reached out to the couple and their families to apologize," she wrote.

She added that there was no malicious intent and that she underestimated the impact of her words on the couple’s big day.

Juli also mentioned that she tried reaching out to the couple and their families and that the incident had greatly affected her husband.

She wrote: "This has also greatly affected my husband, who has a lot more explaining to do as he is a close friend of the groom. I am thankful that in spite of all that has happened, my husband has chosen to stand by me, and not divorce me. "

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