Singaporeans queue overnight and spend big bucks at Kanye West's pop-up store

24 August 2016 / 2 months 5 days ago

Tracy Low
The New Paper
Aug 20, 2016

More than 300 fans turned up for Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo merchandise pop-up store when it opened at Suntec City at noon yesterday.

The 39-year-old US rapper and fashion designer suddenly tweeted on Thursday at noon (Singapore time) that he would be opening 21 of these three-day-only stores around the world, with Singapore being the only location in Asia.

Information about the store location was announced on West's website at 9pm on the same day.

West's merchandise, which comprise caps, T-shirts, crew necks, hoodies and jackets, are priced from $50 to $400. Each customer is allowed to buy a maximum of only five items.

The products are so sought after that some fans waited near the mall the night before the store opening.

The first in line was a 19-year-old Republic Polytechnic student who wanted to be known only as Mr Ian P. He and his four friends had been wandering around the mall since 9.30pm on Thursday.

He told The New Paper: "We spent two hours trying to find the exact (location) because there were no signs. We peeked into one of the empty shops and saw clothing hangers and figured that was the (location)."

They had to leave the premises at midnight and spent the night at the Fountain of Wealth.

They returned to the mall at 6am when it was open to the public.

"The crowd started coming in at around 7am onwards. We started a queue system so that people would not lose their spot or cut the queue," said Mr Ian.

By noon, he had a queue list of more than 145 names.

Mr Ian's budget for the shopping spree was $1,000, but he ended up spending only $370 on four T-shirts and a hoodie.

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