Seriously? Renowned model says Angelababy's braces is also considered plastic surgery

19 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Renowned model, Amanda S. attended an event and expressed she completed culinary classes recently.

She had an interest to cook since young and when asked if she had any new culinary plans, Amanda S. said: 

"In fact, opening a bakery shop is my dream but the business was poor last year. 

"Currently, a restaurant has asked me to help in making dessert and I will put in full efforts when doing something. 

When asked about Angelababy's medical examination to refute plastic surgery rumours, Amanda S. said: 

"Double eyelid surgery and wearing braces is considered plastic surgery. 

"One desires to look beautiful when they become popular. 

"Plastic surgery is normal and I do not think there is any problem. 

"Perhaps she bothers about what others say as she is too popular. 

When asked if she considered plastic surgery, Amanda said:

"No idea. If I give birth, breast feed and find my breast shape is no longer beautiful one day, I might think about it. Many of my friends go for it anyway."

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