Selina Jen continues to defend ex-husband Richard Chang: 'I still believe him very much'

19 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

When Selina Jen announced her seperation with lawyer husband Richard Chang on March 4, it sparked a huge frenzy where she even broke down in tears during a press conference.

According to, Selina appeared more composed when speaking about her divorce at an event on March 17.

She defended her ex-husband and even spoke well of him.

She dismissed the rumours of her divorce due to a third party and said: "From the beginning to the end, I still believe him very much."

She also said that she has been encouraging him as he has mood has taken a dip because of the third party rumours.

She clarified the reason for their divorce:

"After knowing each other deeply, we decided to break up. It's not due to just one matter or any significant matter."

She added that for her the most difficult part is not signing the divorce papers, but having to announce it.

In response to the public blaming Richard for not showing Selina as much attention as her bandmates, she defended him again and said:

"I feel that Richard loves me more than anyone else, but of course, it can't be compared to my parents."

She still remains positive and believes in love.

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