Remember 5566? Fans stunned by how members look like after 14 long years

30 January 2016 / 9 months 1 day ago

It has been awhile since we heard anything from Taiwanese band 5566 as a whole, ever since they faded off the radar sometime in 2008.

The Mandopop group was formed in 2002 and consists of members Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Jason Hsu and Sam Wang.

Leader Tony Sun recently posted a group photo of them on his Facebook page to mark the 14th anniversary of 5566, together with an album cover from 2004 that showed all four members.

The group picture, which appeared to be recent, shows all four members of the band looking almost exactly like they did in the album cover. If anything, they look more youthful than ever.

The photo was also accompanied by a caption with references to some of the band's best hits, getting fans even more excited.

Check out how they look like then and now below.

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