Pretty, petite YouTube star downs 5kg of Singapore curry noodles and rice

8 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

June 7, 2016

A petite competitive eater hailing from Japan has done it again - slurping down a giant bowl of Singapore curry noodles weighing 5.1kg this time.

Yuka Kinoshita walloped the meal weighing 3kg, comprising four packets of instant noodles, onions, bean sprouts, sesame oil, salt, pepper, deep fried tofu, chicken, and two soft boiled eggs (ajitsuke tamago).

Incredible? Not quite - Yuka completed the meal with six cups of rice weighing 2.1kg.

Commenting on the broth, Yuka said: "It's a coconut milk base with a hint of curry, but it has got a lot of depth and is so good."

After she was done with the noodles, Yuka emptied the giant bowl of rice into the humongous soup bowl of curry and added some parmesan cheese to make a risotto-like dish.

"This Singapore curry ramen was absolutely delicious," Yuka gushed, adding: "It goes so well with rice."

Yuka is a full-time OoGui eater, which means 'big eater' in Japanese.

"I wanted to communicate the fun of eating. That's how I started uploading my videos of 'power eating'," Yuka explained in one of her earlier videos.

"My videos reflect women's real desire to eat more, as opposed to traditional social expectations in Japan that women should be demure and not eat a lot."

She started uploading videos on Youtube two years ago, and has amassed over 1.4 million subscribers and 400 million views.

Some of her most popular videos include a 100 hamburger challenge (nearly 4 million views) and a 200 sushi buffet challenge.

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