Oh no! Otto Chan fractures arm while filming fight scene with Alex Lam

16 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Actor Otto Chan is currently filming a series called Hot Pursuit.

A few days ago, he shot a fight scene with Alex Lam, reports Asian E-News Portal.

However, Otto's elbow was hurt and his right hand was injured.

He said: "I went for an X-ray and my hand is slightly fractured.

"The doctor told me to rest for two weeks and fortunately, I have finished filming my scenes and it does not affect the filming progress."

Otto also went for acupuncture other than seeing the doctor.

When asked if he blamed Alex for being too harsh, Otto said: "Cannot blame on others. We wish the effects is good and accidents are inevitable. He did apologise after that.

(Does your wife, Tisha Law feel sad?) "She was very worried upon knowing I had a fracture but I told her I was alright."

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