Nicky Wu kisses both Cecilia Liu and Julien Chen passionately at gate-crashing ceremony

21 March 2016 / 7 months 5 days ago

Nicky Wu and his team of 'brothers' set off to fetch his bride before their wedding.

The team of 'sisters' on the bride's side only made him dance and sing songs.

This was considered a small test to Nicky as singing is easy for him.

Nicky sang the classic song Ai by the group Little Tiger, reports Asian -News Portal.

His groomsmen Alec Su and Julian Chen sang several songs as well.

Although Julian forgot the lyrics when singing, everyone continued to cheer for them.

One of the games for the gate-crashing ceremony was when Nicky needed to kiss a man and Julian sacrificed himself.

Subsequently, Nicky kissed his bride, Cecilia Liu passionately when urged by everybody and they kneeled down to give tea to her parents.

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