Netizens slam Chilam Cheung after he jokes about euthanizing his puppy

4 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

Netizens are attacking Chilam Cheung for making a joke about euthanizing his dog while promoting his upcoming film, “Return of the Cuckoo”.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, Chilam mentioned that his puppy named Dai Kam, runs around his house and urinates in every corner it can find.

The star then joked that he should euthanize the dog. After reports of his comments were released, dog lovers on Facebook slammed the star for his wicked conduct”.

An outraged netizen wrote in a post, “If he doesn’t want the dog, many others will want it. Why does he want to euthanize the dog?!”

The netizen then urged others to spread the word, and even left comments personally attacking the actor.

Chilam’s agency quickly uploaded a statement clarifying Chilam’s comment, stating that he was only joking. The star also responded saying: “I was just joking. When my son is being naughty, I would also say I want to choke him, but does that mean I’ll really do it? Do people really have no sense of humor nowadays? 

"I absolutely dote on all my pets. I used to have a cat, a dog, and a turtle. My relationship with my dog now is very good. My family loves him, but sometimes, he does get rather mischievous so I was just joking about it. I had no idea everyone would get so worked up on my comment.

"Don’t worry. My dog is safe. He is loved by all of us!"

He formally apologized for his careless remark in a later interview he did with the press. He said, “The interview was done in a very happy and relaxing environment. My careless remark has made people believe that it was true. I must first say sorry.

"Dai Kam is growing in a very healthy and happy environment. Although he is still peeing everywhere, there is nothing we can do about it for now. However, we will definitely not abandon him. We will think of a solution, so rest assured everyone.”

Mentioning that quite a few netizens have launched comments personally attacking him, Chilam said, “It’s fine. We all have freedom of speech.”

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