Natalie Tong takes advice from Shrek when dealing with rumours about BF Tony Hung seeing ex-GF

13 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Tony Hung was accused of falling in love with his old flame Bird again, so he uploaded a photo of himself and girlfriend Natalie Tong to rebut the rumour.

Meanwhile, Natalie replied that it was only a small matter.

This incident shows that they have good rapport, reports Asian E-News Portal.

On Instagram, Natalie shared photo of herself and used the love quote from the movie, Shrek.

She left a message: "Love isn't perfect. If someone couldn't accept the worst of you, they don't deserve the best of you. Love is not about perfection. By Shrek 2000."

Some netizens believed it was linked to Tony upon reading the message and gave their blessings to them.

Looks like Natalie and Tony's relationship is very stable.

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