Myolie Wu's frank comments about Grace Chan being criticized for her acting

17 October 2015 / 1 year 6 days ago

Since leaving TVB after 16 years of employment this year, 35-year-old Myolie Wu has opened up her own bridal shop and also signed with Stephen Shiu Jr.’s company.

Along with colleague Chilam Cheung, Myolie recently attended a celebration ceremony hosted by the company.

Donning a white gown and five-inch heels, Myolie appeared elegant and sophisticated on the red carpet.

Though signing with Stephen Shiu Jr. in September, Myolie was already granted many opportunities and admitted that she is currently filming in Tianjin, reports Jayne Stars.

When asked how many films she will participate in this year, Myolie replied that she is afraid of not having enough time.

Chilam joked that he would like to collaborate on a film with Myolie as his daughter. Myolie laughed and said, “Actually, I want to portray a murderer. I’ve never done it before. I think I am quite weird! Being an actress probably means there is a little bit of peculiarity though.”

Currently busy with filming, Myolie was asked whether her boyfriend, Philip Lee, has complained about her lack of time for dating. “It can’t be helped. Work is important. But dating is also equally as important, so there needs to be a balance.”

With many seasoned actors leaving the company, TVB has been struggling to recruit and hone new talent. Newcomer Grace Chan was criticized for her acting in Captain Destiny by veteran actor Anthony Wong. On this, Myolie expressed her support for Grace and encouraged the audience to give her the chance to improve.

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