Myolie Wu and Philip Lee 'take advantage' of freebies to save money for wedding

23 November 2015 / 11 months 2 days ago

It's great to be a celebrity when you have lots of endorsements and sponsorships.

Myolie Wu and 40-year-old entrepreneur, Philip Lee got engaged after dating for one year. The couple will be holding a grand wedding celebration at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on December 28.

According to Jaynestars, due to the large sum required for the grand wedding, the couple is making efforts to cut back on expenses. 

The couple utilised pictorials that were shot earlier for a Mainland Chinese bridal magazine as their wedding photographs.

It is understood that Myolie will also wear a wedding gown from her own bridal studio business, Kevolie.

Having recently been appointed as the tourism ambassador for Belgium and France, Myolie took the opportunity to travel with Philip. As the tourism ambassador, all airfare, food, and living expenses were sponsored and paid for.

Due to the sponsorship, the couple chose to take their wedding photos at these locations to save money. 

Myolie eagerly complimented the excursion, “The tour planned every aspect [of the trip] attentively. The living situation was great and the food were well-known. We even went to a Michelin chef’s house, where he cooked for us”.

Earlier reports revealed that Philip is actually not as wealthy as he was initially believed to be. Despite being an investor of a night club, Philip only possesses a small portion of the ownership.

Three months into their dating relationship, Philip moved into Myolie’s luxurious condo home.

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