Miss Earth contestant quits pageant after being forced to change sash

9 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

A Taiwanese contestant in the Miss Earth beauty pageant has quit the competition after the organizer forced her to replace a sash that said "Taiwan R.O.C." to one that read "Chinese Taipei."

According to the contestant, Ting Wen-yin, she originally wore a sash given by the event organizers that said "Taiwan, R.O.C." when she arrived in Vienna for the pageant.

But the pageant organizers later asked her to replace the sash with a "Chinese Taipei" sash, claiming that Taiwan has always participated in the event under that named.

The China Post reports that Ting said in her facebook posts that the organisers also warned her to accept the change or be forced to withdraw from the competition.

Ting expressed her gratitude to those who supported her during the incident through a facebook post and confirmed that she dropped out of the pageant.

Taiwan's Chinese International Beauty Pageants Association decided to call Ting back due to the "disrespect" the event organizers showed her during the event.

Ting and the association also thanked Taiwan's representative office in Austria, which helped her communicate with the Miss Earth organizers.

Ting said she is preparing for her upcoming contests, saying that she will continue to do her best for Taiwan. 

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