Michelle Ye disses Chinese actress Chen Zihan on TV: 'You'll always be number 2'

21 September 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Michelle Ye’s (叶璇) recent guest appearance on a Chinese talk show has raised many eyebrows, earning some pretty fiery responses from netizens.

A few days ago, Michelle and fellow actress Chen Zihan (陈紫函) guested on an episode of BTV’s talk show Miao Fu Talk Show <苗阜秀>

In the episode, Michelle took the podium to lambast and criticize Zihan, calling her unpopular and a “thousand-year lead no. 2.”

According to Jayne Stars, Michelle said, “At least I was popular before. I’ve played bigger roles than her, had movies with higher box office and had dramas with higher ratings! I haven’t even said anything yet! What right do you have?”

The 36-year-old producer-actress then ranted on about why Zihan couldn’t get popular, saying, “Why is she called the ‘thousand-year lead no. 2’? I’ve seen her performance as Green Snake in Legend of the White Snack <白蛇传>. No wonder she’s always number two.”

Michelle said she also questioned Zihan’s character, criticizing her for marrying a divorced man and joking about how she had just received a job offer from a producer facing plagiarism rumors.

Although viewers knew that the dissing was scripted to enhance the feeling of show, not many fans were very happy with what Michelle said to Zihan. A netizen commented, “I’ve grown up watching Chen Zihan’s roles. To be honest, I have no idea what Michelle Ye has done.”

Another said, “I know Chen Zihan and Michelle Ye are old partners and they frequently collaborate in dramas. I don’t know if they’re really close friends, but are they really close to the point where they don’t mind sneering at each other on a TV program?”

However, some netizens did defend Michelle’s actions, saying, “This is a gimmick to promote the program.” Another said, “It’s obvious that this is all scripted. It’s just a matter of whether the script is high quality or low quality.”

In regards to this “controversy”, Michelle responded on Weibo, “Just received a call from the staff. Viewership ratings have shot up [and] it has topped trending topics. Congratulations Miao Fu and Chen Zihan!”

Zihan said, “It’s my first time going on a show like this. It’s definitely a new experience! I’m guessing that the new disses will start tomorrow? Let’s wait!”

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