Loving mother Cecilia Cheung shops for food with sons -- but it's all junk

8 March 2016 / 1 year 2 months ago

Hong Kong artiste Cecilia Cheung and her two sons, Lucas and Quintus, have moved back to Hong Kong after living in Singapore since 2013. 

According to Jaynestars, in the past few weeks, Cecilia has been spotted in Hong Lok Yuen, a residential area known for its international community.

Her sons are reportedly attending the Sha Tin Junior School, one of the most prestigious primary schools for English-speaking education.

A few days ago, Cecilia and her two sons were spotted shopping in a supermarket near Hong Lok Yuen.

The paparazzi saw that Cecilia only shopped for junk food, including canned fish, chips, sausages, cakes, cup noodles, and other foods with little to no nutritional value.

Cecilia spotted the paparazzi after paying for the groceries half an hour later. She put on her mask and immediately ushered the boys to her minivan.

She then told the supermarket employee that she would come back to retrieve her food.

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