Lisa Chong reveals details on elder sister Jacquelin Chong's love life

20 August 2016 / 2 months 5 days ago

Oh siblings, can't live with them, can't live without them.

Reporters asked actress Lisa Chong what she thought about her elder sister complaining about Lisa and her boyfriend Mat Yeung's public display of affection.

Sibling rivalry took over and Lisa smiled sweetly while revealing that she had seen her sister revealing flowers, reports Asian E-News Portal.

She said:

"I saw her flowers upon returning home and she refused to tell me about the sender. (She has suitor?) No idea."

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"Actually, his medical leave ends in September but there is no reason for him to rest that long. (How is his condition?) He can walk but feels pain when running doing extreme sport activities."She also gave updates on her boyfriend's condition and said that he had recovered from his leg injury:

Being the sweet girlfriend that she is, she added that she will send Mat to and from work.

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