Lisa Chong admits to relationship after being spotted going to Mat Yeung's home

14 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Mat Yeung and Lisa Chong have officially become an item, according to Hong Kong media reports.

The couple was caught dating after Mat went to pick up Lisa at the Central, reports Asianpopnews.

After they got off the car, Lisa was seen holding onto Mat’s arm and headed to his home. An hour later, the couple headed to Kowloon to meet up with their colleagues for a hot-pot meal.

Mat is believed to have spotted the paparazzi as he put on a mask when he left the place at about midnight. Five minutes later, Lisa came out from the building.

Mat has since admitted his relationship with Lisa.

He said, “Yes, We are together and we have just started. Please give us some space. I always think that Lisa is a nice girl. After filming Come Home Love, we have more time to meet and interact.

"Actually, not many people know about us. We did not tell everyone about our relationship, so I am not sure if our colleagues know about it.”

Meanwhile, Lisa is also very open about her new relationship, and draws a line with her ex-­boyfriend.

She said, “I and Victor broke up a few months ago. I wished to keep my love life low profile, and hence, I did not announce. We have sent blessings to each other. After this time, I will not respond on other matters relating to him.

"Similarly, please do not ask him about my matters. Thank you! As for Mat and I, we will respond when we meet everyone the next time. Thank you for your concern.”

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