Linda Chung on her pregnancy allegations: 'We both love kids, boy or girl doesn't matter'

27 February 2016 / 7 months 4 weeks ago

Linda Chung recently made the shocking announcement that she has been married to Canadian-Chinese chiropractor, Jeremy Leung, since fall 2015.

The disclosure followed after recent reports surfaced over Linda’s pregnant state.

It is understood that Linda and Jeremy will confirm that they will soon be parents at their wedding banquet in Vancouver on February 27, reports Jayne Stars.

The banquet will be held at the Burnaby Riverway Clubhouse, with only family and close friends in attendance.

Despite the couple’s 10-year age difference, Linda is full of praises about her husband.

The couple met at a coffee shop after being introduced by Linda’s elder sister.

Linda said, “Jeremy is a very positive person and we both have the same personalities. We love to communicate and will have discussions, but not arguments. Jeremy is a very filial person and loves kids. He’s also someone who is very loyal. I believe that no matter what issues I face in the future, he will support me unconditionally.”

Neither confirming nor denying the pregnancy allegations, Linda simply stated, “We both love children, but it doesn’t matter whether we have a boy or girl in the future. The most important thing is that they are healthy.”

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