Lin Chi-ling 'tears up' while responding to Edison Chen incident

31 July 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

Taiwanese supermodel, Lin Chi-ling's eyes 'were wet' while responding to Edison Chen's hit out at her.

According to Asian E-News Portal, she wore white bridal gown made of tissues and performed catwalk during a tissue event in the afternoon at Shanghai recently.

On the whole she looked like she was unaffected by Edison Chen who makes a bizarre attack on her.

Edison Chen got tongues wagging when he posted a shocking rant on his Weibo about Lin Chi-ling on Wednesday (July 27).
In his first post, the actor-turned-businessman shared a photo of Lin with the caption: "This b**** is so ugly man, and she smells like s***".
He remained cryptic as to what sparked off his stream of vicious posts but it was enough to get netizens to go into detective mode.
One of the most popular theories was that Lin Chi-ling had offended model Qin Shupei, who is supposedly dating Edison, by getting her kicked off a show.

During the event, many media went after Chi Ling and she felt absurd about the attack. She wished to know the reason behind Edison's anger and her eyes appeared wet when emphasizing they did not keep in contact before and after the incident.

When the reporters disclosed they contacted Edison thrice but no reply until now, Chi Ling was shocked:

"Mr Chen can look for me directly if any problems but not through the media."

Asking if Edison disrespected the ladies for scolding publicly on social networking website, Chi-ling replied it was unrelated to gender problem and everyone should have the basic respect, and hoped the negative news will not affect her positive mindset.

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