Lin Chi-ling coldly shoots down possible reconciliation with ex-BF Jerry Yen

19 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Lin Chi-ling created speculation of her and ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan reconciling, despite the bad breakup.

The breakup was so bad that Lin claimed she would never get back together with Yen. However, years after the split, when the 41-year-old was asked at a recent event in Shenzhen, if she sees herself back with Yen, she appeared positively open.

According to Asian Pop News, however, a few days ago, Chi-ling attended an event and shot down rumours of them reconciling.

Chi-ling disclosed that she had not contacted Jerry for almost a year.

“We last contacted a year ago, and have not met up anymore. There will not be any further progress,” said Chi-ling.

Chi-ling explained that she was only being polite when responding earlier that she did not resist reconciling with her ex-boyfriend.

“I said I would not resist. I couldn’t be saying ‘No No’ right?”

When asked if she knew that Jerry had a girlfriend now, Chi-ling said, “I heard of it, but I’m not sure so I won’t reply on his behalf. I will ask him, but I won’t tell you.”

Asked if she would go after a guy who is attached, Chi-ling said, “I won’t go for a guy with girlfriend and intervene in their relationship.”

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