Lily Ho wants public apology from ex-BF Hinson Chou -- then makes harsh comments

4 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Artiste Lily Ho (何傲兒) attended an event and revealed that she would do charity work during her free time.

According to Asian E-News Portal, when it was mentioned that her old love Hinson Chou (周子揚) had admitted to his family being money conscious, Lily said replying once was enough: "Reply once to some incident is enough and I leave it to the lawyer to handle it.

"(Request for compensation?) Public apology and need not reveal the details. I believe everybody is less interested about my private affair and serious matter has to handle it sternly.

"(Will escalate your actions if no public apology?) It depends and one must be responsible for his words but it will not affect me. (Not friends again?) No feelings towards this person. (Very disappointed?) No feelings now."

When asked if her boss Lam Kin Ming (林建名) consoled her, Lily said: "Very happy for going on vacation with his family to Japan earlier and everyone dotes on me. Vanessa Lam brought a top for me and I felt very warm. His family support me.

"(Is Mr Lam shocked?) He feels it is a serious matter which must be deal sternly and gives me full supports. (He supports you in releasing lawyer letter?) Yes. (Will have greetings with Mr Lam during Lunar New Year?) Yes and hope everyone will be happy during new year. (Hopes to have new romance?) Leave it to fate and I have no mood to date currently."

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