Kingdom Yuen threatens to snatch Eliza Sam's boyfriend if she does this

11 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Eliza Sam and Kingdom Yuen attended a dinner gathering for a new series recently.

Kingdom kept calling Eliza's boyfriend from Canada as 'Qiangqiang 強強', reports Asian E-News Portal and Ming Pao (HK).

Eliza said: "Kingdom keeps mentioning my boyfriend as she wants me to be obedient and she will snatch my boyfriend if I am naughty. So I must be obedient and listen to her."

When Eliza was asked if Kingdom saw her boyfriend before, she said," No, and it is meant to be a joke making us happy."

Eliza saod she will stay in Hong Kong to get more red packets and will help her boyfriend to keep them if her mother gave him any.

They will give each other gifts for Valentine's Day at a later date as both are in different countries now.

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