Kary Ng posts photo of 'mystery man' carrying her and says, 'He will not leave me alone'

8 October 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Six days ago on Weibo, Kary Ng (吳雨霏) uploaded a photo of her husband, Brian Hung (洪立熙) carrying her. Brian's face was blurred in the photo.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Kary left a comment: "He will not leave me alone".

Many netizens left comments and pointed out Kary was very blissful: "Kary, you must live in happiness all the way" and "Your face is full of happiness!"

However, some netizens joked: "Your husband's hands is trembling and you are still sleeping."

Photos 1 to 15 show Kary while the rest show other beauties.

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