Karena Ng's birthday gift to BF Raymond Lam: Slippers that cost a few thousand dollars

18 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Karena Ng was recently asked if her boyfriend Raymond Lam will spend the Christmas holidays with her.

Karena responded by saying “Not necessarily. Maybe I’ll go to a friend’s house and have BBQ. If Raymond is available, then we’ll go together. If he’s not, then I’ll go by myself.”

She added that the couple do not usually give each other Christmas gifts, but Raymond did receive a unique birthday present from Karena this year.

“I gave him slippers!” said Karena with a laugh. “They’re good quality slippers! When we went shopping together, he said he liked the slippers, so I bought them for him! They were a couple thousand dollars!”

Despite their busy schedules that had them filming in different counties, Karena flew to England have a birthday dinner with him, reports JayneStars.

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