Jinny Ng responds to allegations that she was third party in Alex To's relationship

9 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

Jinny Ng was labeled a “boyfriend stealer” after her relationship with her boyfriend Alex To surfaced.

Allegedly, Alex was already in a long term relationship before dating the singer, reports JayneStarz.

The media claimed that Jinny was the third party who stole Alex away from his girlfriend Toby.

Adamantly denying the claims, Jinny has already spoken to Alex about the rumors and clarified the situation.

She explained that Alex was single when he started pursuing her and she did not ruin his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Jinny sighed, “I listened to his explanation yesterday and I’ve accepted it. Everyone has a past and he’s very good to me right now. I want to thank everyone for their concern.”

Choosing to focus on the present, Jinny firmly said she does not want to know about Toby or anything about Alex’s past relationship.

Although Jinny has only been dating Alex for three months, she does not regret letting her fans know about her relationship.

Her company has been highly supportive of her decision.

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