Jay Chou shows off daughter in new music video of song written for her

31 May 2016 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

May 30, 2016

Taiwan pop star Jay Chou has released a new music video featuring his beloved 10-month-old daughter.

Little Hathaway Chou appears at the end of the three-and-a-half minute video for his new song 'Lover from the Past', which was written for her. In Chinese culture, it is common to describe fathers and daughters as lovers in their past lives, as fathers are known to treat their daughters with extra tenderness and care.

In the video, Hathaway can be seen playing a few notes on an electronic mini-keyboard. The same notes were used as part of the tune for the song which describes Chou's love for his daughter. 

Chou says through the video that he is "so proud" of his daughter, and sings of how he would watch her grow and eventually get married in the future.

The doting dad also included Hathaway's name under the songwriter credits. In a tweet on Monday afternoon, Chou jokingly said he did so to prevent Hathaway from suing him for using her composition.

The short clip of Hathaway's "performance" is not new. It was first posted online by Chou's wife, Hannah Quinlivan, on Weibo in November last year. She had said then that the baby, who was just over three months old, was exercising her potential, and cheekily warned Chou to beware of his daughter's talents.

Chou's video, which was released at midnight on May 30, has garnered over two million views on Facebook in a span of just 14 hours.

Watch the video below.


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