It's the battle of the 'career lines' as stars of Promotion Girl promote their new movie

21 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Alycia Chan, Anita Chui, Angie Shum and Jacquelin Chong are continuing to flaunt their figures for their upcoming movie Promotion Girl.

According to HKTOPTEN, when asked about their skimpy outfits, Alycia said:

"The clothes are tailored for the promotion. During the fitting I had a lot of fat around the waist.

"Earlier during the shoot I got some abdominal muscles from the pole dancing training.

"I hope to be able to move everyone's focus a little lower."

When comparing body figures, Anita said that she didn't like the comparison:

"Everyone is pretty in their own way. The costume is already very sexy, if not the next time we will have to appear in swimsuits."

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