How Rebecca Zhu saved herself from major wardrobe malfunction in low-cut dress

10 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Artiste Rebecca Zhu attended an event at a shopping mall in Sha Tin. She wore a low-cut pink dress revealing her career line.

According to Asian E-News Portal, During the interview, Rebecca said she is not that sexy and has prepared all the safety measures:

"ok (sexy) la!

(Will need to bend down making dessert?) Have used adhesive tape to avoid being exposed!

(Making dessert for your lover?) So far don't have one, hopefully there is a chance afterwards!

She said after completing two TVB series, will be busy again filming for new series The Fixer and doing promotions.

Rebecca disclosed that in the drama she will have an intimate scene with Benjamin Yuen inside a house.

When speaking about TVB contracts, Rebecca frankly said that she will continue to stay with TVB:

"There is still a long time before my contract expires!"

(There are rumors that Kate Tsui will leave after her contract expires and then there will be more opportunities for you?)

The company usually gives us many opportunities. The more you work the more opportunities you have!

(There are less people to compete against?) Have to look at the company's arrangements. I do hope there are more opportunities!

When speaking about reports indicating that she suddenly became wealthy, buying properties and flying first class.

Rebecca said: "It's old news, there is no such matter. I would not answer!"

(Flying in first class?) I saved money to travel with my family.

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