HK singer Janice Vidal under fire again for weight gain

20 February 2016 / 8 months 6 days ago

Hong Kong singer Janice Vidal has frequently been in the limelight for her weight gains, and was even once called “fatter than a motorcycle” by her mentor Leon Lai.

According to Jaynestars, the artiste has struggled with her weight for quite some time.

In May 2014, months ahead of her 'Janice Walking to the Future Live 2014' concert, the “Big Brother” singer starred in her own weight-loss show, which documented her foray in pursuing outdoor activities.

Both her 2014 Hong Kong Coliseum concert and weight-loss were successful.

However, her career reached a standstill when it was announced that her record contract with Amusic was expiring in early 2015. The announcement was then followed by a brief disappearance in the media spotlight, but Janice made her grand return to the studios in June 2015.

She announced that she and her sister Jill Vidal had signed with Warner Music.

Currently in the midst of recording some new music with her sister, Janice has been moderately active on social media, especially on Facebook. In the photos Janice had shared online the past few months, fans observed that Janice looked glowing and fit, praising her for finally being “skinnier than a motorcycle.”

But the paparazzi think otherwise.

Recent paparazzi photos snapped of Janice showed her looking noticeably larger than before, with a bloated face and some belly fat. It was reported that she was doing some healthy grocery shopping when the photos were taken, but it did not appear like she had lost any weight at all.

Janice shared with a reporter that she has been frequently going to a gym, and also regularly attend dance classes. However, she admitted that she only lost a little weight.

Nonetheless, Janice said her ultimate goal is not to see a smaller number, but to have a healthy body. She stressed that eating healthy and doing exercise is more important than looking slimmer.

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