Him Law explains why choosing Tavia Yeung as his wife was the 'obvious choice'

6 April 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

Only 31 years old, Him Law (羅仲謙) surprised fans when he secretly got married with Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in England.

With a promising role in The Monkey King 2 <西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精>, Him’s decision to get married seemed contrary to what most rising stars would choose at this stage in their careers.

However, Him -- who got his big break with a role in The Monkey King 2 -- revealed that he greatly cherished having Tavia by his side for the past four years, and that tying the knot was the obvious choice.

Inspired by Tavia Yeung

Shortly after working together in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Him and Tavia quickly became drawn to each other despite their five-year-age gap, reported Jayne Stars.

Him revealed, “We both support each other – we don’t really do anything special but we always praise and support each other if we do something good. If something’s not right, we voice it. Honestly speaking, there aren’t a lot of people who tell the truth in this industry – very few are honest with you. Everyone will tell you that you’re handsome – it’s endless! In reality, how many people actually give valuable advice? Tavia was an inspiration to my work and personal life. People are often affected and influenced by each other.”

Dating for four years, Him found it was natural to eventually settle down with Tavia and plan their future together. Him said, “This prompted me to prepare for the second stage of my life. To be honest, if I want to get married and have children, I have to think of what I want to give my partner. What kind of environment do I want to give my children? If I were still single, I can go have fun and buy a sports car. Now, I will be more practical and invest my savings to prepare for the future.”

Since Him is only 31, he admits that he still likes sports cars. However, he will reflect on what is the most appropriate spending choices for himself at this stage in life.

Him said, “It depends on whether [you can control your own spending habits]! When you want to change, you will tell yourself, ‘It’s more practical to make this choice!'”

Hopes to Have a Family

Although he grew up in a single parent family, Him has not lost faith in marriage and hopes to have children with Tavia.

Him ponders, “My feelings about marriage have been positive since growing up – I’m actually not scared. I will try my best to keep my marriage intact. It felt like I was missing something growing up – so I won’t let that happen to me. I will give my best to my children and my other half.”

Growing up in a rather traditional neighborhood, Him laughed and said a big wedding celebration in the near future is inevitable. Besides talking about hosting his year-end banquet, Him wants to have the perfect family.

Him expressed, “I don’t really matter. It’s more important to be responsible for my parents and my other half. Men will always put themselves last – parents, other half, and children are their priorities. If I’m not in this industry, it honesty doesn’t matter what I wear or eat. The most important thing is good health and happiness.”

See more photos of the couple over the years below.

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