Model walks around streets of Hong Kong -- naked from waist down

13 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

Victor Loh
Nov 13, 2015

Not everybody can walk downtown naked without getting caught for indecent exposure unless you happen to be a body-paint artist.

Sandra Barker, originally from the Netherlands, decided one day that it was a good idea to strut down the streets of Hong Kong naked waist down, camouflaged in 'denim skinny jeans' painted on her legs.

Wearing nothing but just a t-shirt tellingly emblazoned with the tagline 'no pants are the best pants', a gold backpack, and a pair of boots, the blonde model walked brazenly among the Hong Kong crowd.

As she walked along the busy shopping districts, traffic junctions, underground metro, and even an art gallery, Barker appeared natural in her own skin (pun intended).

Even when her anticswere exposed by some strangers who whipped out their phones to snap pictures, she appeared unfazed, stopping to take photos with them.

The former model is now based in Hong Kong where she works as a make-up artist and hairstylist.

In 2014, a near-naked model also walked around Manhattan, New York, in a similar fashion.

Leah Jung spotted similar body-painted jeans as part of a social experiment conducted to test how observant New Yorkers are.

The results? Everybody was none the wiser.

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