Mark Zuckerberg 'responds' to Kanye West's plea for a billion dollars -- on Twitter

23 February 2016 / 8 months 18 hours ago

Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has seemingly responded in an ever so subtle manner to rapper Kanye West's plea for money.

In one of many recent Twitter outbursts, Kanye claimed he was USD$53million in debt and asked the Facebook CEO to give him a billion dollars.

Zuckerberg hasn’t responded officially, but in a subtle yet hilarious retort, he did appear to like a Facebook user’s status about Kanye’s ambitious bid, reports UniLad.

The post by a former Facebook software engineer named Steven Grim has now been deleted, but he wrote:

"Dear Kanye West: If you’re going to ask the CEO of Facebook for a billion dollars, maybe don’t do it on Twitter." 

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